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Welcome to the JTB news & update page.

25/05/18:  We are pleased to announce that we have recently become an approved supplier for JCB

05/01/18:  We are pleased to announce our new Nukon laser cutting machine


20/03/17:  After acquiring more units, we are now operating out off 9 full fitted units

09/11/16:  We are pleased to announce that we now have another 4 units to accommodate our growing business

01/09/10:  The recent purchase of  a  "Turned Parts" company now gives us the ability to manufacture a variety of turned parts in various finishes at highly competetive prices.

01/04/09:  We are pleased to announce that we have now installed our own "on-site"  toolroom department. This not only allows us to repair tools faster & with greater control but also gives us the ability to produce new tools to our customers own design. Our costs are extremely competetive so please contact us for any tool requirements you may have.

31/03/09:  JTB Pressings Ltd now have the facility to supply standard pallet feet for  stillages  at extremely competetive prices. The dimensions of our pallet feet are 125mm x 125mm x 50mm x 2.50mm thick and are suitable for most types of stillages. Our customers are gaining considerable savings on their existing purchase price when they purchase their pallet feet from us so please contact us to compare our prices & see how much you could save on your current purchase price.