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Metal Pressings

JTB Pressings Ltd is a well established pressworker and supplier of Metal Pressings, welded metal fabrications, laser cut parts and assembly work all in a variety of finishes. You'll be pleased to know that we are ISO-9001-2008 accredited. JTB Pressings are producers of heavy metal pressing which can be up to 12mm in thickness. We can manufacture from various types of steel including HR & CR. Some of the heavy pressings require secondary operations which are usually carried out on our 100 / 150 tonne presses. In addition to press work, we also have the capacity to produce metal fabrications.

All parts produced at JTB are accompanied throughout the process by digital photographs and all relevant key point factors to be checked are clearly identified. The frequent quality checks carried out during each production run ensures that faulty parts are kept to an absolute minimum. A final audit is carried out on all batches prior to delivery to our customers, helping us to capture faulty parts before final dispatch.

Metal Pressings are available from JTB Pressings Ltd today. Please call 0121 526 4020, or visit our workshops at Units 29, 31 & 34, Owen Road/Downs Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV13 2PY.

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