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About Us

We believe that our reputation revolves around 3 key areas:-

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • On time delivery


We are accredited to NQA – BS EN ISO 9001 – 2008. All parts produced at JTB are accompanied through-out the process by digital photographs and all relevant key point factors to be checked are clearly identified. The frequent quality checks carried out during each production run ensures that faulty parts are kept to zero or an absolute minimum. A final audit is carried out on all batches prior to delivery to our customers. This once again helps us to “capture” and “hold” faulty parts before final despatch.


We are proud of the fact that due to our “lean and effective” manufacturing policy, we can offer customers the most competitive prices possible. Just as importantly, we can offer the all important “cost-downs” on any potential re-source package. Our pricing structure and quick response to customer requirements are important factors in our ever growing reputation within the industry.


Coupled with quality and cost, on time delivery is a major strength of JTB Pressings. Our current delivery performance, Dec 2011, is an impressive 98.10% and our target for the end of 2012 is 99.5%. A major factor towards this performance is JTB's philosophy that there are 24 hours available in a working day. This philosophy allows us to input extra hours whenever needed to cover for short lead times and unscheduled requirements from customers or to make up for lost time due to unforeseen circumstance.